Overlooked in Portland

Overlooked in October

Overlooked in 2018

Overlooked in Portland

And Otters

In 2008, outside a market in London, a man sat blowing bubbles into the crowded streets. Like a thought bubble, these images came back to me in a recent dream. Here’s to scenes not overlooked.

The Return

Welcome back, 82nd Avenue of Roses Parade

April Showers

Overlooked in Oregon


As I approach a milestone birthday, I have been asked to reflect. What have I learned in four decades on the planet? How does it feel?

Unable to wrap my head around an answer, I often retreat and go play with the dog.

There have been many dogs in the Oregon chapter of my life. Once a week for the last five years, I have walked a shelter dog. Sometimes I will walk the same dog for months. Other times just once before they are adopted. Sometimes I just sit in a room while a nervous dog slowly learns that not all humans are scary after all.

I have come to appreciate this in between time with the dogs, showing them love even though their lives aren’t all figured out yet. I’m right there with you, buddies.

Overlooked in Portland

Overlooked in Portland

Happy Holidays

Overlooked in Portland

Pause, Play

When you type “S” and your phone autocompletes the words “Still at work,” it may be time to step back and make a change.

Here’s to healthy new beginnings.

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