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This weekend, I traveled over 1,000 miles. Saturday I walked along the beach, drove with the windows down, ate dinner outside. On Sunday I stood amongst pumpkins covered in snow, marveling at what a difference a day makes.

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I’ve been drawing for a number of years. Regardless of what other media I may use (digital photography, etc.), I always return to the simplicity of pencil on paper and observing a model in the room. Many of my portraits and figure drawings can be seen here (under drawing sale). Should you be interested in […]

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Double Take

When I am overtired, I often question my powers of observation. My first thought, when witnessing something out of the ordinary, is that I must have seen it wrong. But in some cases, it’s not just me. Here are a few passing observations that caused me to do a double take. Is that really a […]

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