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Letting Go

Occasionally, I am one to fester. After receiving an unjust parking ticket or, in this instance, not getting a shot just right. I took the photograph below years ago at a flea market. While printing it, a peer critiqued, “The focus is a little high; it needs to come down another inch.” Since then, every […]

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Lately I have been having strange dreams. But last night, my reality became just as surreal. After another long day of unpacking, my husband and I went out a local Mexican restaurant for dinner; dim lights, quiet conversation. Part way through our meal, the house lights came up and loud music* burst from the speakers. […]

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As my husband and I drove for two days – across eleven states – to our new home, I had a lot of time to think. Along with jazz (and, on occasion, heavy metal), we listened to podcasts by comedian Marc Maron. In one he described an attempt to reinvent himself and be “the new […]

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