Overlooked in Portland


In the fall of 2013, my husband and I drove cross country. We did not stop to visit any national parks, as all were temporarily closed due to a government shutdown.

This summer, we made plans to visit Oregon’s Crater Lake National Park. Then wildfires.

Despite the risk of smoky conditions and possible closures, we went, grateful to experience a place of such overwhelming beauty and reminded of the fragility of it all.


On September 14, the group exhibition Multiples will open at Darkroom Gallery in Essex Junction, Vermont. This will be Darkroom Gallery’s 99th exhibit, and will be on display through October 8. Images were selected by juror William Albert Allard, including my image above.

Looking forward to the show!


Who’s calling?

When my husband and I moved to Oregon, many things changed. Our cell phone numbers were not among them. But over time we developed a sneaking suspicion that we were missing calls. Local calls. Why?

Portland has a 503 area code; my cell phone has a 203 area code. Similarly, Portland has 971 while my husband has 917.

But. . . can’t people be trusted to read carefully, to pay attention, to not just dial out of habit or suspect a typo?

The silence is deafening.


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